Choosing the Right 14x20x1 Air Filter for Your Car or Truck's Ventilation System

Learn how to choose the right 14x20x1 air filter for your car or truck's ventilation system. Find out about MERV ratings, electrostatic filters, washable filters, and more.

Choosing the Right 14x20x1 Air Filter for Your Car or Truck's Ventilation System

When it comes to selecting an air filter for your car or truck's ventilation system, there are a few special considerations to keep in mind. The most common type of furnace filter is the pleated filter, which usually has a MERV rating of 5 to 12 and can be very efficient and durable. An electrostatic air filter is designed to trap smaller particles more efficiently than standard air filters, and is available as disposable and washable options. AirThreads filters combine the advantages of electrostatic filters and washable filters, with a MERV 8 filter that is ideal for capturing pollen (up to 90%), dust mites, mold, larger dust particles, and pet dander.

Washable air filters are usually made of woven polypropylene and are electrostatically charged to capture more particles. However, the electrostatic charge can decrease over time, so eventually you'll have to replace it with a new, fully charged one. Additionally, particles that remain lodged in the filter can slow down essential air flow in the air conditioning system over time, leading to costly problems. A filter with a very high MERV rating will be very dense, and a dense air filter means that your HVAC equipment will have to work harder to get air through the filter.

That said, a washable, well-maintained HVAC air filter can last 5 to 10 years before it needs to be replaced. Disposable filters don't need any routine care, as you can throw them in the trash and put them in a clean filter when they get dirty. When it comes to choosing the right replacement filter for your car or truck's ventilation system, it's important to take into account the size of the filter as well as its MERV rating. A heating and air conditioning contractor can evaluate your heating and air conditioning system and recommend the best option for you. Your HVAC professional would install a small cabinet next to the boiler or air handler (on the side of the air intake) to place the thicker filter. Now that you know what an electrostatic filter is, it's time to find out if this option is right for your home and your heating or air conditioning.

Pleated, disposable air filters for air conditioning are single-use air filters, just like their fiberglass counterparts, but they are constructed differently. An easy way to choose a replacement filter is to simply purchase the same filter you're already using in your system. If your current filters fit perfectly, note (or take a picture) of the size printed on the filter frame. This will ensure that you get an exact fit for your car or truck's ventilation system.